World Class Staff

Our guide Amanda was the kindest, most helpful and joyful person I have met in a very long time. I don't believe she ever stopped smiling the entire time we were with her, and it came from within. She must really love what she does. Her attitude was calm and confident, which helped everyone else feel the same way. I won't forget her for a long time. She is a very special young woman. Justin was also a very good guide. I think I nearly knocked him over a few times with my landings, but he handled it gracefully and never made anyone feel clumsy or just plain dumb! He talked with us about the wildlife and the birds, and about himself. I felt very confident in his skills and his leadership. They were a very good team, and our whole family had a great time, even though it was raining the entire time! Linda Walker, Evanston, IL Age 55 First time zipper and someone who was born with a very small gene for adventure
Linda W., Evanston, IL

Birthday Kidnapping Celebration!

This was a birthday kidnapping story - one that involved me being driven to an unknown location (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) to participate in an unknown activity (zip lining). In the main office I met a wonderful young lad, Tim who bedazzled me with his smile, knowledge and expertise! Before I could realize where I was, I was signing a release form stating that in case of death, I would not sue the company. Before I realized what was happening, I was tied with lanyards and had a helmet on my head and was in the “training zone” for the zip lining activity! The adrenaline rush and the realization of what awaited me was overwhelming – I didn’t know if I could participate and I have to admit, I was frightened. After the 3rd zip line I thought “Okay, now that I know that I am safe, I can do this and this is really fun!” I will never forget this amazing experience and one more thing, thank you intelligent Tim, the brave course guides and the unique company of Lake Geneva Canopy Tours!

Knocking Another one off of the Bucket List

Winter Fun

Okay they were right! Zipping in the winter was amazing! Never noticed the cold, and the forest was beautiful!
Phil K. Plymouth, MI

Best Day Ever!!!

Recently spent the day with LGCT and it was the best day ever! We had the wrong directions and had to call a few times and the people we spoke with were accomodating and patient which was a nice invitation to the adventure we were about to engage. From the moment we arrived for check in the staff was friendly, professional and well organized. We were fortunate to have a beautiful day and Alex and Randy as our guides. Alex was knowledgeable and engaging and Randy was a bit self aggrandizing but had an easy manner that relaxed us all. We giggled and laughed all day and never had a worry or concern about safety, we knew we were in very capable hands. The property is absolutely beautiful and well maintained. The extra features from suspension bridges to exquisite wood carvings really add to the overall experience. We never felt rushed and thought the length of the course and variety of lines was well worth the price of admission. Not only will I talk you up to anyone who will listen but plan to purchase a 4 season pass so I can return to take in the beauty year round. Thank you for a wonderful adventure. I plan to post a positive review on as many consumer resource pages as I can find!!!!
Sandi Wilkens