Cancellation Policy

7-Day Cancellation Policy

  • Your reservation may be cancelled up to 7 days prior to your tour date.
  • You may change your reservation date or time one (1) time up to 7 days prior to your originally scheduled tour date.
  • No refunds or reschedules will be given with less than 7 days notice.

If tours are cancelled by Lake Geneva Canopy Tours due to lightning activity or any other unforeseeable conditions, participants may:

  • Reschedule for another available day or time.
  • Request a full refund. Refunds will be made by Lake Geneva Canopy Tours, however, please be aware if payment is made with a debit card, the debit card company may take up to 10 days to process the refund. Please contact your debit card company with additional questions.

Rain, Snow & Inclement Weather

Tours run year-round in all types of weather, including rain and snow, so we recommend that you dress appropriately for any type of weather. Please review our cancellation policy for complete information.