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Building Team Creativity and Innovation

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Lake Geneva Canopy Tours (LGCT) has partnered with Climer Consulting* to provide workplace teams with the opportunity to quantify their capacity in key areas of performance. Through research and extensive experience working with workplace teams, Dr. Amy Climer has identified core areas that affect the ability of teams to be creative and innovative. The result is the Creative Synergy Scale, an assessment tool that allows individual group members to express their beliefs about the team in terms of Purpose, Dynamics and Problem Solving Process. The survey responses are then tabulated, graphed, and compiled into a report that shows how team members responded (without revealing the identity of team members associated with the responses) according to a 6-point scale. 

By combining the Creative Synergy Scale with a LGCT team building program, your team receives customized content that reinforces areas of strength while building capacity in areas of identified weakness. This eliminates the need for guess work when determining what your team needs and ensures that your team building experience is immediately transferable to your work place.

Why use the Creative Synergy Scale with your workplace team?      

Groups commonly operate with a set of assumptions about what team members think, feel, and believe about the culture and functionality of the team. The Creative Synergy Scale exposes what team members actually feel is occurring within the group, shows where there are outlier opinions, and clarifies which assumptions are accurate and which are not supported by team members’ underlying opinions.     

Understanding the mindset of your team (individually and as a whole) clarifies how you function in areas such as willingness to have healthy debate, the level of trust among team members, whether or not team members feel there is a clear and shared sense of purpose, and if members feel that there is an effective problem-solving process in place. These same areas of group function are readily addressed through team building initiatives. 

A few notes about the Creative Synergy Scale

The scale works best with:

  • Established workplace teams (the group needs to have at least a basic foundation of experience of working together)
  • Staff who work together as a unit with a common purpose vs. working groups consisting of individuals from various departments who come together to pursue broad or overarching business operation goals
  • Teams consisting of 20 or fewer members

*Amy Climer is the host of The Deliberate Creative, a free, weekly podcast on iTunes designed to teach others how to lead innovation in teams. She has a Master’s degree in Outdoor Education from University of New Hampshire and a PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. Her dissertation research involved developing the Creative Synergy Scale for teams. More information about Amy and her consulting practice can be found at

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